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The Jesus Insurgency

The Jesus Insurgency is a collective of churches and individuals who are committed to new and fresh expressions of church. We believe that discipleship happens best and most significantly while obeying Jesus, embracing his teachings and politics, and following Him through mission. The Jesus Insurgency is a movement of peace-makers dedicated to kindness and reconciliation, to remove the walls that divide us. We are a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. We exist to mobilize individuals into a movement of believers who live out the counter-cultural teachings of Jesus. We are a collaborative community, therefore we seek to partner with other missional communities who are embracing fresh expressions of church so that we may learn together through shared ideas and resources.

What we do:

Church Planting: In partnership with Emmaus Church and Impact Ministry group, The Jesus Insurgency is committed to partnering to plant new churches – faith communities for those who have never been involved in church or who have left the church. We partner with existing churches, pioneering leaders, and Jesus-centered individuals who see the need and sense the calling to cultivate new kinds of church expressions. We are committed to the timeless and ancient Gospel message and the values established by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.

Blog: Check out The Jesus Insurgency blog for news, stories and encouraging posts about disciple-making movements, church planting, and encouraging articles.

Podcast: Be sure to subscribe to our weekly podcast.

Learning Communities: Starting Fall 2020.

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